Pietro Verzetti (1886-1955)

Title unknown
A lady looking the sea, at the horizon

Autumn sky and changing colours...

Rustic, long arm warmers with a delicious mix of colours and fibers

A unique necklace, made of natural silk, 
hand dyed in shibori blue with natural indigo

from dyeing2meetU, Etsy

Pumpkin 24kt gold plated sterling silver hoop earrings

from Amalthea Cph, Etsy

Herbert Waters: 'Autumn Bouquet', 1952

Sort sol - murmuration of starlings

Here in Denmark the autumn and spring
murmuration of starlings is called 'sort sol' - Black Sun'
It is one of nature's most magnificent sights, the starlings form
into sweeping ball like shapes in their thousands, before flying
down and roosting in the trees or eating on the ground


Murmurations of Starlings arriving at Gretna in Scotland
to signal winter is on its way

'European Starling'

European Starling. Photo by Bugsy B

 Such a beautiful photo; 'European Starling'
Photo by Bugsy B

Starling murmuration print

This is a print inspired by the extraordinary shapes produced by starlings 
as they flock together at sundown in the late autumn and winter 

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Murmuration starlings - lamp and print

Illustrated with a Starling Murmuration over water and hills.
Made from parchment paper backed onto UV stable and flame retardant PVC.
Finished with a wooden hoop top and bottom. Must be used with a glass votive.
Measures 12.5 in diameter x 15 cm in height.

Artwork by Claire Humphreys

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A Northern Light, Etsy

An A3 print - Illustration of a starling Murmuration
flying over mountains and water

Eric Daglish (1894-1966): 'Flocking Starlings'

Sculptural wire bird - drawing of a starling

This is a 2D sculptural wire drawing mounted on a piece of driftwood. 
The piece is based on a starling and made from florist wire.

The artist Jane Tilley writes:

'He is one of my favourite bird drawings because he's very intricate 
and one of my earliest creations. I love him so much he features on my business cards. 
When the sun streams through the window he casts a beautiful 
shadow, as do all of my wire drawings'.

Size approx. 11.5 cm x 5 cm x 8 cm

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Indian Summer...

Kazimierz Stabrowski (1869-1929): 
'Golden Autumn Tale', 1910

An Indian summer is a heat wave that occurs in the autumn.
It refers to a period of above-normal temperatures, accompanied by
dry  and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a killing frost.
It occurs in the Northern Hemisphere between
late September and mid November

John Hafen: 'Indian Summer', 1900

 Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902):
 'Indian Summer on the Hudson River', 1861

Jean Hélion (1904-87):
 'Luxembourg Gardens, Indian Summer', 1960-61

'Indian Summer on the Delaware River'
by Jasper Francis Cropsey, 1882

'Indian Summer, Clarendon Hills'
by John J. Enneking, 1895

Robert Swain Gifford: 'Indian Summer', 1879

F.H. Varley (1881-1969): 'Indian Summer', 1914-15

Indian Summer by J. Francis Murphy, 1903

 George Inness (1825-94): 'Indian Summer'

William Trost Richards: 'Indian Summer', 1975

'Indian Summer' slouch beret - on sale!

The hat for all seasons. Hand crocheted with an open, airy stitch 
that works equally well in both summer and winter months. Super warm 
in 100% Merino Wool in a gorgeous variegated golden yellow.
Embellished with a large vintage black button.
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Red and yellow Indian Summer necklace

This unique one of a kind pendant is bead woven of Swarovski crystals, 
genuine jade stones and 24k gold plated japanese seed beads. It is decorated 
with brass floral links. This pendant hangs on brass chain. The 
pendant measures approximately 5cm/2" 

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Kvalwasser, Etsy

Untitled (Autumn Leaf), 1872

by Mary Vaux Walcott (1860-1940)

Indian Summer, 1883

 'Indian Summer - Autumn Poems and Sketches'
by L. Clarkson, 1883

Spiders and Indian Summer

Indian Summer cobwebs
 Photo by Abubiju

 Warm Autumn days and spiders go together.
The German 'Indian Summer' is called 'Altweibersommer' or
'Old Wives' Summer' in English.The name may refer to the way
small, busy spiders are ballooning in September and October
and the gossamer reminds people of  the grey
hair old women...

Many small spiders use silk threads for ballooning; they extrude 
several threads into the air and let themselves be carried away by winds. 
Although most rides will end a few yards later, it seems to be a common way for 
spiders to invade islands. Many sailors have reported that spiders have been caught 
in their ship's sails, even when far from land. The extremely fine silk that 
spiders use for ballooning  is known as 'gossamer'

Webs from thousands of ballooning spiders, Warta River National Park, Poland
Photo taken i September 2010 by Mark Faherty

Here in Denmark webs just like these ones are known
as 'Flyvende sommer' - Flying Summer  

...and please, go to Mark A. Chappel's website 
and enjoy the most beautiful photos 

The Indian summer by Józef Chełmoński, 1875, depicts a peasant 
woman with a thread of gossamer in her hand

Indian Summer spider webs in the wind...
Photo by ŠJů 

'October is for Spinners' scarf

 A cute 'October is for Spinners' scarf
This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

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The scarf on the photos is knitted by idyllicchick


Yuri Vasnetsov (1900-73)

Illustrations from 'The Magpie' - Сорока-ворона, 1938

'7 for a secret never to be told' - dish by Adrift Pottery

'7 for a secret never to be told' dish

 'One for Sorrow' is a traditional children's nursery rhyme about magpies.
According to an old superstition, the number of magpies one sees determines 
if one will have bad luck or not. Traditionally written ca. 1780

There is considerable variation in the lyrics used. 
A common modern version follows:
One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret,
Never to be told

The dish is made by Adrift Pottery located in Wales 
Adrift Pottery's website and facebook

One magpie....

'Mr and Mrs Magpie'. One for sorrow, Two for Joy...

 The artist Claire Barker writes:

'I can't see a single magpie without saluting him and asking 
where his wife is. So I painted Mrs Magpie waiting for his return, wearing 
the precious treasures he finds. I hope they bring you luck'.

High quality giclee print, 17 cm x 23 cm
Signed, limited edition of 250

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'Two Trees in a High Wind', 1922

by Vivien Gribble (1888-1932)