Cakes, 1927...

Vintage colour childrens print illustrated by S.B. Pearse and 
rescued from the 1927 edition of 'Pams Secret House'. It shows a young 
girl wearing a cream dress and curly hair looking up at a three 
tier wedding cake standing on the table

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'Cakes for Every Occasion and Foundation Cakes' from 1927


Soft Spice Cake, 1927

The Birthday Cake...

Lisa-Marie Blum:
 'Der Geburtstagkuchen. Verse und Bilder', 1946

The Trifle Bowl and Other Tales

'The Sugar Mouse Cake'

 'The Sugar Mouse Cake', by Margaret Bloy Graham
illustrator: Gene Zion pictures, 1964

There was once a poor pastry cook named Tom
who worked in the Royal Kitchen of the King.
No one in the Court knew what a fine pastry cook he was
because he was never allowed to bake anything.
Tom was the ninth assistant to the Chief Pastry Cook
and was just permitted to wash the bowls and spoons.
The only one who knew how well he could bake was Tina.
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Do mice read the news? Indeed they do...

'My Camera Book' by Kathleen N. Daly, 
pictures by J.P. Miller. 1967

Bespectacled mouse reading a newspaper, 1890
by Helen Beatrix Potter (1866-1943)

Is it a newspaper, a magazine...or maybe a book...?
Illustration by Felix Lorioux's Fables

Father with his newspaper 

Reading 'The Tailor'
by Helen Beatrix Potter (1866-1943)

Grandpa Mouse reads his newspaper

The Grandpa Mouse with a newspaper with glasses and slippers.
Mouse made of angora yarn and filled eco-friendly polyester fiber. It will stand
on its own. The tail is long and flexible, and can take many forms. Mobile
hands  and legs. Slippers are made of genuine leather.
He sits up around 12 cm/5"

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Rudbeckia...a late summer joy...

Photo of the flower 'Black-eyed Susan', 
Rudbeckia hirta by Dcoetzee 

 'Black-eyed Susan' is a traditional Native American medicinal herb 
in several tribal nations; believed in those cultures to be a remedy, among 
other things, for colds, flu, infection, swelling and for snake bite -
although not all parts of the plant are edible...

 Honey Bee on Rudbeckia 
photo by TJBlackwell

Knitting yarn bowl

This hand thrown yarn bowl has a botanical motif. It has a slot and 
 multiple holes for your favorite knitter or crocheter to thread their yarn 
through. Glazed a speckled cream outside with amber inside

The botanical images are from Britton, N.L., and A. Brown:
'An illustrated flora of the northern United States, Canada and the 
British Possessions'. published in 1913. They were 
permanently applied with a third firing

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Andrew Wyeth: 'Asleep', 1979

Naturally handspun yarn

 Light and dark transitioning shades of grey with naturally un-dyed light tips.
Beautiful skein of yarn for your one of a kind, beautiful knitting and crochet projects.

US knitting needles 35-50 and hooks alike
10 oz - 100 Yards

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100% wool carpet bags

100% wool carpet bag sourced from the British Isles 
The bags are wowen in Scotland

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sourced from the British Isles

Sheep - what's not to love?

Shepard in Scotland. 
Photo from J.G. Martindale, The Scottish Woollen Industry, 1954

Boy with sheep

Ballerina and dancer dolls

 These beautiful dolls are made by sculpting epoxy clay 
and paper clay over Fashionista Barbie dolls. They are 
wearing clothing sewn from vintage fabrics

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Art by Morna Rhys

Crescent Moon

Morna’s childhood environment of Cornwall, UK is often still 
heavily present in the essence of her work.  Beautiful rolling landscapes and 
secretive silent coves are skillfully portrayed through the medium of etching. 
The liberty and intrigue of nature and land seep through her 
mysterious compositions and colours

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Taf Estuary

Usk Castle

Hawthorn Moon

Queen Anne's Lace

Handwoven beauty bag

 Handwoven on a loom, beauty bag
Black cotton and sulfur linen - black cotton lining.
It has a black handle, a black leather 
cord and a  gold zipper

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 La Tòrna, Etsy

Japanese woodblock print by Kazuyuki Ohtsu

Summer Sunflower

Purchase 'Ra and Apep' knitting pattern by Anna Dalvi

 'Ra and Apep' - a knitting pattern by Anna Dalvi
Width: 36 cm/14" - length: 241 cm/95"
163 cm/64" in diameter 

You can purchase the PATTERN here:
Cooperative Press, Etsy

The sun disk, carried across the sky each night by Ra - the Egyptian sun god.

Each day, Ra would carry the sun disk in his ship across the sky. 
And each night, the sun god had to travel through the underworld to return to the east. 
Apep knew which way Ra would have to travel in order to put the sun back into the sky. 
So every morning Apep would hide at the base of Bakhu the mountain of the horizon. 
Apep would try to defeat Ra to keep the sun from rising the next morning. If Apep 
succeeded, the world would be thrown into chaos. A few times, Apep did 
manage to swallow the sun boat, causing a solar eclipse, but inevitably 
Ra’s supporters would free the sun by cutting a hole in Apep’s 
belly and freeing the golden orb.