Like a child learning how to walk...

First time I have ever blogged...and in English...woow!
You know how it is: Red, hectic cheeks and trying
to figure out how to do things ;O) But practice makes
perfect, right? Just learning how to bear
with me, please...

Talking about 'bear'. Well, I named my blog
after an animal that makes me so humble
because of it's strength and beauty. I've never
seen one and maybe I never will although I've
been in the Arctic several times - but in my blog
polar bears will pop up from time to time. Let
me start by showing you a felted polar bear
I just made...


The Ginger Darlings said...

I love your felted polar bear. We say hi and welcome. Do go have a look for the Danish edition of Can You See a Little Bear, illustrated by Jackie Morris. You might like it.
Love from Jackie and teh ginger cats

Aputsiaq said...

Dear Ginger Darlings!
Oh, I'm honoured that you of all cats should be the first ones to leave a comment! Wow! Tell 'Her' that I'll look forward to go look for 'Can you See a Little Bear' - 'She' is the best...remember to tell her that!!