Aaaand folks....

...let's get wild in 2009!!!

In the old type of Greenlandic it reads:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you (all)!
From the 1970s

' Happy New Year to you (all)!'
from the 1950s

Almost Ready to Go!

I'm almost ready to go....all the gifts are wrapped and it's time to say
Thanks for visiting my blog!
I love your comments so much, and I really do appreciate that you took the time to look at my pictures...and I do hope that you'll come back in 2009!!
Hope to see you!!!

Two Times Farther Christmas ;O)

Yesterday an American friend of mine gave me these
great cookies (and many more!)
Thanks - you made me so glad!
Ilon Wikland
What a Winter Wonderland!

Lovely pictures from Gudrun Sjöden!

X-mas cards from the 1970s

Greenlandic Christmas Cards mid-1960s

Hand carved wood santa and polar bear by David Bearden for sale - wooow are they good or what?! Amazing!

Polar Bears....

....say Happy Holidays!

If I had any Children....

...I just had to buy this polar bear rocker from Netto
I love Etsy....and why not buy this polar bear note card from Linden Tree Photograph's Shop ?


Beatrix Potter

E. Burne-Jones

So peaceful when the lion and the lamb walk side by side...beautiful, I think.
Tomorrow it is 'lillejuleaften' - the day before Christmas Eve...where did this December go?
I can't believe that it is almost Christmas!

Elizabeth Sonrel (1874-1953): 'Winter'

These Pics Make Me Laugh!