Time to put my Moravian star in the window!

The star above is one I bought in Greenland many
years ago...every Advent Greenlanders put these
stars up in almost all their is sooo
wonderful: The snow and the orange light from the
many stars!

Below is my Moravian star from Herrnhut in
Germany. Actually the Moravians brought the
stars to Greenland. The Moravian Church,
Brødremenigheden or Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine
was in Greenland 1733-1900...and a lot of their
traditions are still to be seen.

The first Moravian star is known to have originated in the
1830s at one of the Moravian Schools in Germany,
most probably as a geometry lesson or project. In
Herrnhut the old traditional stars are still made in many
sizes: The Herrnhut Star Company has been producing
original Herrnhut Advent and Christmas Stars for
over 160 years! You can also buy the Moravian star
here: Moravian Stars. com

They also come as outdoor lamps...

...and in many colours


cosifan said...

What lovely colors on all the stars uoy put in your blog.. I live in Sweden and we got the same star in our wiwndows the first of advent.

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Cosifan! Thanks for you comment - and welcome! I love this tradition of stars in the window! When I go through town in the afternoon, I enjoy them so!

It is so funny because I've noticed that most people in Sweden put their christmas decoration away later than we do in Denmark...and we are neighbours ;O)) So funny...

ruthie said...

thank you! i had not realised there was such a story behind these stars and i just bought one for our home last week, to hang in our window over christmas!

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Ruthie, I have to say that I don't know if the tradition of stars in the windows always goes back to the Moravians...or if it is only in Greenland.....but anyway; A great tradition :O)