Steiff polar bears for princes....and others

Steiff polar bear, 1912. The true story of a similar bear and his American family that survived the Titanic disaster, see the book here and the photo above is found here

This 48 cm high Steiff polar bear on wheels is similar to the one which was made in 1911 for the grandchildren of the king Wilhelm II (Wuerttemberg). The polar bear in the picture was made in 1911 or earlier. Found here

Polar Bear Creature Hoodie

Polar it comes with a girl inside ;O)
link, Rocket Worlds

Åsa Dahlbäck Design

Polar bears under the stars

Polar bears from Alaska

Polar Bobo Bear Stuffed Toy

Craftpaca polar bear

Craftpaca, Etsy

One big cup of water :O)

Edward Cucuel (1879–1951)

At the Ball

The Novel


Title unknown to me

Summer Idyll

Women in Boat

Under the Arbor

Woman Reclining by Lake

The Pink Dress

On the Lake

Regatta, ca. 1920

Happy birthday Big Ben!

Georges Stein

Here in May 2009 Big Ben celebrated its 150th birthday,
and the 31st 1859, the clock ticked for the
very first time, so: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!

Don Moti's Jewellery

Aren't they wonderful?!

'Go Visit Weekend'

Today I want to show you some of my photos from the collection of Islamic art in the museum 'Davids Samling'/The David Collection. The Islamic collection covers virtually the entire classical Islamic world, from Spain in the west to India in the east, and spans the period from the 8th to the 19th century. The Collection of Islamic Art is by far the largest of its kind in Scandinavia and is among the ten most important in the Western world. I must say that I was most impressed by the books and the drawings; The number of details were beyond this world.
So sorry for the poor quality of the photos; the lightning was so, so, so dim.....

The museum’s founder Christian Ludvig David (1878-1960)

I just have to say that this glass animal is a
small bottle believed to be from the 7-9 cent. Syria
This cute fellow stole my heart!