See you tomorrow...

It's time to take a snack and go to sleep...well, soon...
Goooooooood Halloweeeeen niiiiiiiiiight
from Copenhagen!!!!! Boooooooo!


Free Halloween clip art

Wow...a lot of spooky stuff...

Need a 'last minute' recipes for halloween?

You might find them on Recipe Zaar

Tombstone Cemetary Ring

The writing on the wall

This morning I went to Gladsaxse church and churchyard

All over the wall of the church people have written their names
and dates/years...quite funny, if I may say so...

A light for a dead, beloved one on Allehelgensaften

Just what I need.....

...for my 'witch brew' that I'm going to drink tonight :O)
I went for a walk this morning and saw these.

I found some toadstools laying on the ground,
so I brought them back home for a closer study.

They're so aaamaaaazing!

And I remembered to wash my hands :O))))
Happy Halloween!