The history of the Swedish Lovikka Mittens

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Erika Aittamaa (1866-1952)
neé Maria Erika Olofsdotter Kruukka

Erika Aittamaa made the pattern for the Lovikka
mittens in 1892. Lovikka is the name of the town she lived in at the
time in the north of Sweden. The story goes like this: Erika Aittamaa
husband August worked in the woods, and the family was poor with
many children. To make money Erika used to knit for people. One time
when she would knit a pair of extra thick mittens for a woodsman, she
made a mistake; the body of the mittens became so thick and stiff that the
customer did not want them. Erika washed and brushed the mittens so
that they became more comfortable, and Lovikka mittens were born.
The border pattern at the wrist with the cross stitch were made,
so the snow couldn't get inside if laced together.

Free Lovikka mittens knitting patterns:
in English and in Swedish

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...and YES my mother made me a pair of
Lovikka mittens when I was younger...


Hemskapat said...

I´m glad that you wrote the history of Lovikka mittens !

Aputsiaq said...

It was my pleasure! They are wonderful, I think...I like the story and the mittens...they are so fine.

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to find this! I was an exchange student in Swedish Lappland in the late '70s. My Swedish host grandmother made me a pair which kept me so warm.

Aputsiaq said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing! I don't what it is with these mittens...they just bring back memories! They do it for me too ;O)