A snowy, early Sunday morning!

Oiii, it is snowing great!

I feel like going out! Hmmm, why are the streets empty???


I'll go to the bakery to get some breakfast! YES!

Oh, I met some people there...all men...wonder if their wives
sent them...hmmm...sometimes I think so: "...and please remember to take
the dog for a walk, when you go anyway....". Well, no matter what, there is
always a dog waiting outside the bakery...freeeeeeezzzzing!



Mascottblog said...

Nice photos ! I like the strange atmosphere of the streets ... I have been to the mountains , and there was snow too ..But I don't like being on the roads with snow falling ...

Anna said...

we had snow too!!!
those pictures are amzing!
and your breakfast looks jammy!!!
did it tast as good as it looks?

Aputsiaq said...


Been to the sounds so great! Snow is beautiful...but not nice on the're right!

Snow in Holland too :O))Yeah, it was a great 'Sunday breakfast' :o)

Maria said...

I like your window...yhe images in the glass.The streets looke like in a dream...

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Maria...I bought the images on my window in Oxford...they are amazing!!