'The White Bear' fairy tale

is a Norwegian fairy tale
collected by the artist August Schneider in 1870, after
a peasant woman, Thore Aslaksdotter (b. 1832), in
Setesdal. Read a synopsis of the fairy tale here....or
read the whole story 'chez' Anna ;O)


Anna said...

and if you want to read the whole can read it here..

Aputsiaq said...

Anna...we seem to have a great team work by now ;O)) We could start a firm together :O)) Thanks for the link...and wonderful bear story!!

Anna said...

Great spirits!
maybe write a book together???

Aputsiaq said...

Yes, we could do that :O)) No, problem!!

Dsata said...

Great post.
Last photo is excellent !

Do you know this picture ?

Aputsiaq said...

Nooooo, I didn't know the picture...thaaank you Dsata!!!