I...a proud aunt!

Looook at this...my niece made this for me!
Thank you, 'my sweet Easter chicken'...you're the best!

It says: Happy Easter

kisses to my beloved niece!


Maria said...

How sweet!! ;)

purplesplatitudes said...

Hi, was just curious why my blog is being linked through your Google Reader feed ... I don't mind anyone reading my blog, but I wondered why it was showing up as a link and a referral from your site.

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Maria! Thank you...I think so too!

Hi puplesplatitudes!
Well, I actually don't know! I've never vistited your blog before know...or linked too it for that matter...I must say it puzzeles me too!! Hmmm, strange!

purplesplatitudes said...

Not a problem, hope I didn't sound accusing, that was not my intent. I get strange links from strange places and just check them out. Yours comes up as "people clicked links from these pages to get to your blog" and when I click on it, it takes me to your Google Reader feed for this blog, but it says I am not a subscriber. Anyway, I am a writer, mostly poetry, and you are most welcome to look around my blog any time if you care to. I am not much of an artist, but I have visited your blog to look around too. Nice to meet you, even in a strange way.

Aputsiaq said...

Hi again!

Sometimes the internet works in mysterious ways!! I wonder how it linked our blogs together...they don't look alike at all!

But no matter what, it gave us an opportunity to say hi to eachother, and I'll be back to see what you're writing!

Nice too meet you too...and Happy Easter!