Forglem-mig-ej - Forget-Me-Not

Cute! Made by Lemmikkiapina, Etsy
BUT it is reserved for someone!

Yesterday I also saw these Forglem-mig-ej.
When I was a child my brother and I often
went to a small forest that once was a big
garden/park owned by a huge farm. The farm
was long gone and all kinds of flowers grew
like wild ones, and a small pond there was
still a lot of these flowers left....and I don't
forget the place ;O)

Cicerly Mary Baker


Maria said...

This little flowers are just precious...there are so many things that make us travel to the past,flowers...smells...flavors..
Seems you love nature since child :).

Aputsiaq said...

You're so right many things make us go back in time! And yes, I've been a nature lover since I was a child...we lived next to fields, and a nothing is left..only a big road...sadly!