Clara the Rhino

Above is Dürer's Rhino, 1515...and below is 'Clara'.
Clara the rhinoceros was adopted by a director of the Dutch East India
Company, Jan Sichterman, when she was only one month old. Her mother was
killed by hunters, but Sichterman raised her in his own house...almost like a pet dog.
When she got too big for the house, she was sold to Douwemout Van der Meer
in 1741, and he then stated to exhibit the exotic Clara in several cities
 in Europe. She travelled around Europe until she ended up
in London, where she died at around 20 years old

Jean-Baptiste Oudry: 'Clara the Rhinoceros', 1749'

'Clara' by Elias Baeck 1746

Jean-Baptiste Oudry: 'Circle of Pietro Longhi', about 1751

probably 1751. By Pietro Longhi

Exhibition of a Rhinoceros at Venice. The painting
above records a historical event, the exhibition in Europe
for the carnival of 1751 of Clara. She was one of the few rhinoceroses
that had been seen in Europe since 1515, when Dürer made the
first picture you see at the top of the post


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