Ipolit Strâmbu (1871-1934)

Femeie cu umbrela - Woman with umbrella

La lucru în grădină - Working in the Garden

Fetiţă cusând - Little Girl Sewing

Somnul - The Sleep

La oglindă, 1923 - At the mirror, 1923

La plajă, 1911 - At the Beach, 1911

Femei cosand - Women sewing



Rodica said...

I'm ashamed to say I didn't know Ipolit Strambu, but I'm very glad to see a Romanian painter featured on your blog (which, by, the way I enjoy very very much :))

I thought you might like to have the translation of the tiles:

Woman with umbrella
Working in the garden
Little girl sewing
The sleep
At the mirror, 1923
At the beach, 1911
Women sewing

His paintings are really beautiful...

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Rodica!!

I'm so glad to have this wonderful comment from you! Welcome to my blog...and thanks for visiting!!!

I'm so happy for the translations! Thanks! Often I do not dare to translate a lanquage I don't know into English...when I try it, it sometimes doesn't look right! So THANKS FOR DOING IT!!!! I really appreciate it!

And you're right...I was stunned by these paintings too!!

Rodica said...

I'm glad you found the translation useful. You are very welcome!

Thank you for finding all these treasures for us to enjoy :)