Two sketchs by René Lalique

peacock jewelry sketch by René Lalique

Art Nouveau jewelry sketch by René Lalique



Art et Vintage said...

Thank you sooooooooooooo much!!!
for this wonderful peacock I didn't know!!!!

Aputsiaq said...

Glad you like it...I thought: Oh, she MUST know know all the peacock paintings/art ;O))

frenchie07 said...

I'm living in Nancy, east of France, and was lucky enough to visit R. Lalique Museum in Alsace, the day before Christmas, and fell il love with his jewelry sketches.
Thank you for sharing with us, your taste for Art Nouveau, Modern Art...

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Frenchie07...welcome! I wish it was me who had visited R. Lalique Museum!!! I've seen som of his jewellery in Lisbon...I was so smitten with these magical from another world!