Harri Kalleo and the dodos

Harri Kalleo is the artist behind
'The Dodo and Mauritius Island, Imaginary Encounters'

Based on extensive research, Kallio produced life-size sculptural
reconstructions of the bird, as well as a visual photographic
study of the actual dodo remains

Amazing...and oh, this bird bring a smile on my lips!


Marcus said...

This Dodo bird should be very interesting, very funny. Whenever I see any artwork on them to feel great sympathy for him and the highest penalty so much that we humans were (and still can be) foolish and disrespectful.

Aputsiaq said...

I feel the same way, Marcus. We humans too often think of outselves ONLY....and a lot of tims human beings don't even care about other human beings. We could ALL have such a nice and safe world, couldn't we? I think so! Buuuut they were so special those dodos :O)