Michaelmas - 'A goose day'

'If you eat goose on Michaelmas Day,
you will not be short of money all year round'

Traditional English proverb

In England, the entire autumn season is known traditionally
as Michaelmas. Many fairs took place during the harvest time,
and since the Middle Ages Michaelmas fairs were focal gathering
for farmers and merchants. Big goose fairs were held several
places (fx. Nottingham Goose Fair) in UK...and the traditional
meal for the Michaelmas Day includes goose and a special
cake called a St Michael's bannock (take a look here)

Michaelmas Goose

Michaelmas Goose Fair Poultry

Victorian cook goose preparing

William Sidney Mount (1807-1868):
'The Raffle' (Raffling for the Goose)

Bremen Goose

Do you remember the Michaelmas Gander?


Anna said...

oooh such a sweet goose ;o(
I'd never eat my pets!!!

Aputsiaq said...

Anna, you are so right...one can't eat friends...that would be SO bad ;O(

Maria said...

I´m vegetarian...so i´m so sorry for the dear goose...:(

Aputsiaq said...

Oh, yes...being a vegetarian protects animals...and is say to be the best for the world :O)