St. Michael - Michaelmas

St. Michael is the greatest of all the archangels and is honoured for his
defeat of Lucifer. He is one of the principal angelic warriors,
seen as a protector against the dark of night, and the administrator
of cosmic intelligence.

Because Michaelmas falls near equinox it is associated in the
northern hemisphere with the beginning of autumn and the
shortening of days. Michaelmas is still celebrated in the Waldorf
schools....a special happy Michaelmas festival to you :O)

The Archangel Michael, from the Altarpiece of
the Last Judgement by Rogier van der Weyden

The Archangel Michael, 1480-95
by Juan de la Abadía, known as 'The Elder',
active in Huesca, 1469-1498


Madalena said...

Hello ! I live in Rio de Janeiro, Southern hemisphere. I found your blog by chance in the Internet (Google) as I was researching images for "Rhinesmaidens". I am an artist. I want to say that this is a beautiful site, Polar Bear's Tale ! I am also a devout of Archangel Michael. Really nice place to visit !! I love the works of art, and the poetic way you display your favorites. God Bless ! Good Night. (greetings from the Southern Stars...The Southern Cross...wonderful, huge Canopus...Bye bye.)

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Madalena, Thank you for that lovely, lovely comment...you made me so happy on this rainy, cold morning!
The Rhinesmaidens were also some of the artworks that took my heart away..that is why I posted so many ;O) And Archangel Michael to protect us from eveil! Many, many good wishes go your way!!

Tom Leith said...

Where does that round medallion image of St. Michael come from? I take it to be a photograph of a painting -- do you know who the artist is and where the original hangs? Did you make the photo?

Aputsiaq said...

I wish I knew...but I've not been able to find out where round medallion image of St. Michael comes from! All the copies of this images on the Internet, that I've seen, don't say anything about it. And it is not my photo....sorry, I can't help you!