Thank you so much all of you for your
sweet and heartfelt greetings!! I was
so moved by each and everyone.

The Polar Bear is still floating then ;O)


Marcus said...

The Polar Bear will live in my heart for many, many times. There were many cheers that got here and with you. Cheers.

Marcus said...

And if you ever want to visit my country (Brasil), my house is always open. You'll always be welcome.

Maria said...

The same words of Marcus, but in Cordoba, Argentina, you have a friend here, that will be happy to recive you. Hugs.

Aputsiaq said...

My dear friends!

Thank you the both of you! You warm up my heart! Thanks for your great hospitality...I wish I could go visit you both ;O) It could be so much fun...OR you could come to Copenhagen and see me!!

Maria said...

That will be so great too, we¨ll see...always the money right?