Wooden toys...

Castle Blocks Mini - walnut

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The Original Tree Swing

Wooden Tree House

Gnome Home

Herman The Hedgehog


Marilyn said...

Lovely toys and is that Golilocks and the three bears in the drawing? I like it.

Marcus said...

How beautiful, this illustration is of a very old children's story. I know this girl enters the house of the bears, eat the soup and then lies down on the bed of the teddy bear. It is very old, I had almost forgotten it. Once again your blog amazes me and makes me exercise my memory. Congratulations nice souvenir.

Aputsiaq said...

Yes, it is the story of Golilocks and the three bears. I remember when I was a child and this story was read out loud, the reader always changed her/his voice for the different bears..the wee one, the older one, and the BIG one. So there you see Marcus...I also "went back" to my childhood with this image ;O)

Sex Toys said...

When I was kid my father usually makes us small toys with the wooden. And we feel very good while playing with them. That tree can be used for this also.