Dancing bears...tooooooo lovely!!!

Dancing Bears by William Holbrook Beard

William Holbrook Beard: 'The Bear Dance

These bears almost make me cry of joy!
I'm smittem with 'The Dancing Bears'

These 2 happy bears are a tribute to American painter
William Holbrook Beard and his painting 'The Bear Dance'!!

Farmlass, Etsy


pea said...

Yes, so lovely bears! I need litle bear into my secret litle forest:)Nice!

Aputsiaq said...

This one is the best! What a wondeful piece of felted art! (I wish I made it ;OD....)

Xavik said...

I Found this ones in local store ) and buy one for myself

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Xavik!Oh, they are wonderful...thanks! Next time I post polar bears, I'll post the image! (I've posted a lot lately, so I better wait a few days ;O)...). Thanks!