The Snowflake Man Wilson A. Bentley

Photographs by the first person to capture the
image of a single snowflake with a camera

The year was 1885. By jury-rigging a microscope with
a bellows camera, Bentley was able to capture for the
first time the exquisite delicacy of a snowflake

His groundbreaking 1931 book, 'Snow Crystals',
recorded for posterity the beauty, fragility
and lacy designs of 2,500 snowflakes


bea's blog said...

Hva en herlig post igjen.....tusen takk!
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Maria said...

Oh imagine how must be feeling this person when found such a treasure!! How wonderful!

Aputsiaq said...

Ja, smukt ikke? Mærkeligt at ikke to snefnug er sådan er det selvfølgelig også med alt levende: dyr, planter...mennesker..og det er jo også 'små (og store!) kunstværker', om man vil! En forunderlig verden...

Maria, it must have been so strange to take the first photo of the snowflakes! We can't imagine it...'we seen it all, haven't we?! (oh, we think we have!)