The Danish Christmas tree - flags, drums...

The family Wensien, Christmas 1910

Vintage Danish Christmas tree ornaments
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In Scandinavia it is a tradition to decorate our
Christmas trees with our own flags. Here in Denmark
it started in the mid-1800s where 'national Christmas
decorations' - like flags - became very popular. After
the war in 1864 (between Denmark and Germany)
'war Christmas decorations' like drums and trumpets
started to show up - and we still use these
types of ornaments....

In my childhood home we also had red and white
candle lights on our tree...the colours of our flag.

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A family danses around the Christmas tree,
Allinge, Bornholm, 1914

Kirsten Thomsens and the Christmas tree 1916, Gentofte

Christmas, early 1900s at Jens Jensens' home.
This tree is actually decorated with Danish flags,
as well as Swedish and Norwegian flags

by Flemming B. Jeppesen

Christmas, 1900

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