The Tatrzańskie Museum, Poland

Wojciech Weiss: 'Dagny Juel Przybyszewska', 1899

Józef Mehoffer: 'Cynie', 1911

Wojciech Weiss: 'Pocałunek' ca. 1900

Stanisław Dębicki: 'Wnętrze pracowni', ca. 1900

These beautiful paintings are found here
Laurits (Lauritz) Sörensen (Enslew):

Albert Pinkham Ryder (1847-1917)

Toilers of the Sea

With Sloping Mast and Dipping Prow, 1880-1885

Boat in Moonlight

Seacoast in Moonlight, 1890

The Siegfried and the Rhine Maidens, 1888-1891

The Flying Dutchman, ca. 1896

The Forest of Arden, 1888 - 1897

Light of the full moon

Rafail Sergeevich Levitsky (1885-1886):
'The Bridge in the Woods'

Dark night and full moon..

Enemal pins and pendants to die for!

Copenhagen photos...

I'm thinking spring!

All kinds of 'pots' from d krueger botanic art, etsy

Rocketweed Designs

Pretty 'spring pillows' and warm, wool scarves
Rocketweed Designs, Etsy many colours...

Pillow covers


'Go Visit Weekend'

Yesterday a friend and I went for a ride by the sea.
It was one of those grey days without sunshine...
and a bit of rain...but a great trip anyway!