I'm waiting for the Easter Bunny!!!

....and there's 'a biiiit of spring' going on in my flat ;O)

Susan's Heartfelt Handworks

Primitive Bunnies

Royal Wedding Birds

Willow's felted beads

mmmm...I like this shop!

Stoneware pottery bird nest

'I Believe I Can Fly'

'Natural Architecture' by Alessandro Rocca

I think this book is just a book I'll love!
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'Weidendom' by Sanfte Strukturen, 2001

'Running in Circles' willow and maple saplings, by Patrick Dougherty, 1996

'Clemson Clay Nest' by Nils-Udo, 2005

A tree and a nest

'My Nana' by Tanja Sova, Etsy

Shiro Takagi: 'Sparrow Inn', 1972
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Nest design by Willywaw

Hemp pillows

Hemp placemats

Willywaw, Etsy


Charles Joshua Chaplin (1825-1891)

Images found here

'Sweet Spring tiara'

It must be for a spring fairy queen!
This pretty spring tiara is made by Holly Doodle Designs

Lalique - Sarah Bernard

Sarah Bernhardt in the role of Mélisande

René Lalique: 'La Princesse Lointaine', named after the Edmond Rostand's 1895 play, played by Sarah Bernard

Again in the role of Mélisande
Jewelry crown believed to have been designed by Lalique

Read and see more here: Diamonds and Rhubarb

Christie MacDonald, 1902

Christie MacDonald (1875-1962) was a Canadian born lyric soprano, and a musical comedy star. Read more here.

The stage and film actress Marie Doro

Read about Marie Doro (1882-1956)
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'Springtime', nuno felt scarf


I...a proud aunt!

Looook at niece made this for me!
Thank you, 'my sweet Easter chicken''re the best!

It says: Happy Easter

kisses to my beloved niece!

The full moon came and went away

Hiroshige Utagawa (1797-1858), untitled, 1849-51

George Cruikshank

Cicely Mary Barker
Harold Harvey: 'Picking Daffodils'

'Awakening Spring'

Luc-Olivier Merson

Spring at Treadway/Toomey Galleries

Decorative Art Nouveau print,
Greco woman playing flutes

Paul Revere vase

Paul Berthon: 'Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands lithograph',
signed and dated 1901

Rozane Della Robbia vase, signed W.M.

Treadway/Toomey Galleries
Art and Design Auction
Lee Lufkin Kaula: 'The Green Shade'


'Fairy Coquette and Lambs'

by Warwick Goble (1862-1943)

Walter Crane daffodil tile

Daffodil tile from Flora's Train by Walter Crane (1845-1915)
for Pilkington's Tile and Pottery Co. Earthenware, with relief
decoration painted with coloured glazes, England, c. 1900
V&A via - see more

Dressed for Easter - in yellow :O)

Miklós Barabás

Orest Kiprensky

Gerrit van Honthorst

Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Robert Lefevre

Joseph Steiler

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Hans Maler (looook at the dog ;O)...)

Mary Cassatt

Gerard van Honthorst

Pierre Carrier

John Singer Sargent

Alfred Stevens