'May day at Chilworth'

May day at Chilworth, 1864
'Please to remember the Garland', Signed A.D.Lucas1900

The Milkmaid's Garland on May Day

On May Day and dance for their customers.
They carried a headdress adorned with silver tankards,
plates, and other silver objects to add to their allure.

Marcellus Laroon: 'The Merry Milkmaid', 1688

The pic above is name 'The Milkmaid's Garland', or
'Humours of May Day', by Francis Hayman, painted
in 1741-42. One of the ancient customs observed on
May Day that persisted until the early 19th century
was the 'Milkmaid's Garland'. The milkmaids would
dress in their best clothes and dance in the streets
for their customers. A donation from the customers
and from passers-by was expected.

Milkmaids' Garland on May-day, 1823

Samuel Collings: 'May Day in London', 1784.
Showing milkmaids with garlands and
chimney sweep boys dancing

Roy Judge: 'The Jack-in-the-Green'

An historical survey of this custom covering the
period from the eighteenth century up to the
present day. A geographical survey includes a
distribution map and contains all the information
which has been discovered about Jack-in-the-Green
and the May Day activity of chimney-sweeps, apart
from the early London Information. Interesting!

Published FLS Books, The Folklore Society.
Purschase it here

The chimney-sweeps' May Day Jack in the Green

In the 16th and 17th centuries in England people would make garlands of flowers and leaves for the May Day celebration. After becoming a source of competition between Works Guilds, these garlands became increasingly elaborate, to the extent that it covered the entire man. This became known as Jack in the Green. For some reason the figure became particularly associated with chimney sweeps

Chimney Sweepers on May-day, 1823

A chimney sweeps' Jack in the Green dances with the
"Lord and Lady of the May" (probably both played by men)
in 18th-century London

Thomas Sevestre: 'Jack in the Green, May Day Celebrations
of the Chimney Sweeps of London', 1850.
Found here: Andrew Graham Dixon - a great place to read about
the chimney sweepers’ May Day Festival in London!
'Red Set - Girls, and Jack-in-the-Green', 1837
Green Man by the sculptor Fran Bouwman
Fran Bouwman's website

It's May 1st tomorrow!

I'm thinking Green Man!

Dore Abbey, the former Cistercian abbey at Abbey Dore, Herefordshire, UK

(Hans) Sebald Beham (1500-1550): 'Querfüllung mit der Maske'.
Panel with Amascaron

Sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourt (about 1230)

The sculptor Virginia Harrison

Pond's Edge

Green Man

Spiritual Aquatic

Virginia Harrison's website

Green Man ring

Sterling Green Man Ring,

Beneath the Ivy Print

Swan Bones Theater, Etsy and blog

The Art of the Mask

Green Man

Wow!! All masks are made of paper mache (!) by
Acanthus Faceplate

Greenman trio

Copper Greenman

Brown Oak Leaf Men's Half Mask

Q Botanical Perfume

Pure eco-luxe perfume created with vital plant
essences - this one is devoted to the Coastal Live Oak

If I had my own house...roof finials!

Antique replica Brighton Dragon finial

St. Georges Dragon ridge finial, copy of an old Victorian original

Cat ridge tile finial (and there is also one with a rat)

Swan ridge finial - Swans are a symbol of love and fidelity

The gazing hare roof finial is
said to bring luck to a house

They are just so cool! Made by Brighthelmstone, UK - found here
James Sant (1820-1916)

John Simmons (1823-1876)

Forglem-mig-ej - Forget-Me-Not

Cute! Made by Lemmikkiapina, Etsy
BUT it is reserved for someone!

Yesterday I also saw these Forglem-mig-ej.
When I was a child my brother and I often
went to a small forest that once was a big
garden/park owned by a huge farm. The farm
was long gone and all kinds of flowers grew
like wild ones, and a small pond there was
still a lot of these flowers left....and I don't
forget the place ;O)

Cicerly Mary Baker

The love letter

James Sant (1820-1916): 'The Love Letter'

A magical garden book

'Rachel's Garden, I'

...and blog Rachel's Cabinet

'My Lady Greensleeves'

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: 'My Lady Greensleeves', 1863
Above study fot the painting