The Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich

Ring-necked dove, Norton

White bird mobile

p i ' l o, etsy, website and blog

black bird

Blackbeard bag

10% of the proceeds from this bag will be donated to
Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refugee


When I was 5 years old, my family and I lived in London for 6/7 months...I remember Noddy!

The first TV I remember...

Ingrid og lillebror = Ingrid and little brother
the early 1970s, I think...

From a time when kids' TV was ONCE a week...
I think ½ an hour...and it aired at the same time
as we had dinner...and of course we were not
allowed to see TV then, so...


This is Cirkeline...she was born in the 70s when I
was a child...and is now retro. You know how it workes:
Children grow up, have kids themselves...and the kids
just HAVE to have the same doll/book etc. that morther
had when she was a small girl...and there we go:
The rebirth of Cirkeline ;O)

Purchasae the dolls here

Oh my it really you?

I know these guys from my childhood!!
It is Florence, Dougal and Zebedee (the first pic) -
I have almost forgotten could I?

Cute finger puppet playsets

When I was looking for a snail for the snail blog
I found these cute finger puppet playsets:

There are 6 finger puppets, peeping out of the trunk,
and with a little door at the foot of the trunk it’s the perfect
house for these woodland characters. Set includes:
Hedgehog, Badger, Owl, Bird, Squirrel & fox

purchase here

There are a rabbit and 6 mini beasts: Bumble Bee,
Butterfly, Ladybird, Spider and 2 types of Caterpillar...
10 leaves of the lettuce that have velcro to hold it in place

Sun and rainbow...

Archip Iwanowitsch Kuindshi (1842–1911)
William Turner: 'Arundel Castle, with Rainbow', ca. 1824

A bridge of colours - rainbows

George Innes: 'The Rainbow in the Berkshire Hills', 1869

Jean-François Millet: 'Spring', 1868-1873

I need a piece of rainbow cake!

It's a grey, rainy morning here in Copenhagen...and it's Monday...I actually NEED a piece of this rainbow cake :O)


Rainbow Warrior - Ice Bear - by Joe Triano

A rainbow in the Arctic...

William Bradford: 'Arctic Sunset with Rainbow', 1877

A wooden rainbow

Custom Wooden Star House
Rainbow with Sweetheart -
with your name, yours child's name...or...

Star House, Etsy

The Danish artist Per Arnoldi - rainbows

Yesterday, I bought this vintage tray at a flea marked ;O)

A rainbow over Asgard

Alan Lee: 'Asgard', 1984

I adore rainbows...Bifrost!

Giovanni Caselli, 1975

Emil Doepler (1855-1922):
Heimdallr stands by the bridge Bifrost (the Danish way to spell it),
blowing into Gjallarhorn. The bound Fenrir is beneath, 1905

Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) - rainbows

Iris There, with Humid Bow, 1912

Illustration to Richard Wagner's 'Das Rheingold'


Aurora Consurgens - Black Angel, 15th century

The artist Marina Richterova

Remembrance of innocence


The King and Death

See more here

Pennsylvania German Frakturs

'Fraktur' are decorated manuscripts or documents of early Pennsylvania-Germans and other German-American immigrants. Early fraktur (1750 forward) were hand drawn with pen and ink, and colored with watercolor paints. Read more here and here.

The most popular type of American fraktur was the 'taufschein', or birth and baptismal certificate. This taufschein was created for a girl named Margaret Heller, born in 1818 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Taufschein or circa 1801 birth and baptismal certificate

A religious poem produced in Bucks County, PA (Pennsylvania Dutch folk art) from 1785

A Pennsylvania German ornate Taufschein, or baptismal certificate, from 1788