The artist Jenny Keith-Hughes

Mr. Bear

Thinking of You

Red Bear

Cat's Dream

Wax Owl

Dodos in Love

Jenny Keith-Hughes' website

Almost a bit Le Petit Prince-ish....

Little Spotted Dog on the Hill

Four Tree Hills

Three for a Marriage

Magpie Waiting at the Gate

Hand sculpted stoneware landscapes by Song and Branch, Etsy

Michelle Bradshaw

East of the Sun West of the Moon sculptures
Michelle Bradshaw website, found via A Faerietale of Inspiration

Fishing polar bear...

Elizabeth Montgomery...& polar bear rugs...

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Emma Beach Thayer: 'Porcelain-White Spider'

Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872-1930)

The Red Dress, 1915

The Red Gown, 1905

Gustav Klimt: Portrait of Fritza Riedler, 1906

Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872-1930)

Three Women of Provincetown, ca. 1924

Purple and Green (also known as Portrait of Mrs. Woodruff) 1923

The Lovers, n.d.

The Family

Ernest Barrias: 'La Nature se dévoilant à la Science'
(Nature Unveiling Herself Before Science), 1899

Maxfield Parrish: ‘Contentment’, 1927

Praising the Morning Sun, 1845

John Constable (1776-1837)

Cloud Study, 1822

Seascape Study with Rainclouds, 1824

Brighton Beach 1824


I'll visit the sun....

Edvard Munch (1863-1944)

The Sun, ca. 1912

The Sun. From the Oslo University Aula decoration, 1911-16

Moonlight over Oslo Fjord, 1891

The Mystery of a Summer Night

The Voice/Summer Night, 1896

Woman on the Shore, 1896
Kimmo Kaivanto, The Sea Dies, 1970

Akseli Gallén-Kallela (1865-1931)

Marjatta and the Christ child, 1895-96

Aino, 1889
Georges Lacombe (1868-1916):
'Marine bleue' (Effet de vagues), 1893
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Vasiliy Polenov (1844-1927)

Portrait of N. Yakunchikova 1882
Ill girl (preliminary version), 1886

Nikolaj Nikolajewitsch Ge/Николай Николаевич Ге (1831-1894)

Portrait of MP Gabaevoy, 1800s

Both: Tatiana Lvovna Tolstoy
(Daughter of Leo Tolstoy, 1864-1950)

Katherine Zabello, 1800s

Portrait of the artist's Wife Anna Petrovna, 1800s

Portræt Natalja Petrunkevich, 1892

Portrait of Unknown Lady in Blue Dress, 1868