James Carroll Beckwith (1852-1917)


Elizabeth Yeats : 'In the Seven Woods', 1903

In 1902, the Irish carpet designer Evelyn Gleeson (1855-1944)
wrote to Elizabeth Yeats (1868-1940) and her sister Lily (1866-1949)
in London. She persuaded them to return to Dublin and join her
new women’s arts and crafts cooperative. Evelyn taught girls to
weave tapestries and rugs, Lily oversaw embroidery, and Elizabeth
established a fine press. They named it the Dun Emer Guild,
after the nearby village of Dundrum.

Elizabeth’s first book was a collection of poems by her brother,
William Butler Yeats, entitled 'In the Seven Woods', 1903 -
the one you see below...


William Butler Yeats

The Dun Emer press-room, ca. 1903.
Elizabeth Corbet Yeats is at the iron hand-press;
Beatrice Cassidy, standing, is rolling out ink,
and Esther Rya

Albert Edelfelt (1854 -1905)

Snow on the Roofs

'Den första snön', n.d.
The first Snow

Carl Wilhelmson (1866-1928)

'The sun is getting colder, I and II'

The Russian artist Elena Markova

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The artist Alex Butirsky (1974-)

I think these winter town images are amazing!
They are by the Russian artist Alex Butirsky

The Polar Bear. Zoological Gardens, 1831


Polar Bear Northern Lights

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Funny dance of a polar bear....

Oooooh, my!

A young woman who wanted to commit suicide,
goes into the bears pit and is eaten alive by white bear,
in Francfort-sur-le-Mein , lastpage of newspaper
Petit Journal july 11, 1891

Thanks Xavik!

Thanks Xavik for some 'polar bear magic' in
a winter wonderland!

Snow Bears by Frank Ver Beck, ca. 1910

Dancing polar bear card

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Dancing bears...tooooooo lovely!!!

Dancing Bears by William Holbrook Beard

William Holbrook Beard: 'The Bear Dance

These bears almost make me cry of joy!
I'm smittem with 'The Dancing Bears'

These 2 happy bears are a tribute to American painter
William Holbrook Beard and his painting 'The Bear Dance'!!

Farmlass, Etsy


Winter fun...snowmen...

Please click to enlarge - 'Delights of Childhood Days'
American Snowman, 1902

Children building a snowman, n.d.

First photo of a snowman. Mary Dillwyn 1840s

No carrot noses? Snowmen...

Jan Walraven (1827-1863): 'The Snowman'

'Die Welt im Kleinen: zwölf Bilder aus dem Kinderleben.
Ein Familienbuch', illustrated by Eduard Schulz
and text by Emil Rittershaus,
Flemming, Glogau 1867

Gorgeous porcelain 'baubles'....

Stickey's Christmas by Marilyn Mihm Suchan

'Narwhal Rain'

by Bill Carman