Monday cold weather...

A pair of East African Crowned Cranes
strut through the snow

A flock of black skimmers face into
a cold blustery wind



Marilyn said...

Truly stunning photos of fabulous birds. I would love to see them myself.

James Weatherhill said...

I can't Thank You enough for your blogs ~ All 3 are Wonderful ~ Yet, This one especially!
I honestly view it every day and it warms my heart. For me; it's like a living picture book that brightens my day.
I Wish You and All You love and know a Healthy and Happy New Year!
James Weatherhill

Anonymous said...

Are you a real bear? I'm a real RAWWWRR bearrr! I eat your butt bear. Stop pretending you're a bear!!

Aputsiaq said...

Hi James Weatherhill!

Thank you very much...and thanks for visiting my blog! You made my day ;O) A lot of days I don't know what to blog...but then one image takes the next...the world is full of beauty!

...and I hope your year of 2011 will be filled with joy and happiness!

Aputsiaq said...

..and hi to Anonymous....ooooh, no I can tell you're not a bear: an anonymous account and not signing your comment with your name...hmmmm...not very bear like, is it? ;O)

Aputsiaq said...

Thank you, Marilyn :O)