Goodbye cold and windy February...

Charles Burchfield (1893-1967):
'North Wind in March', 1960-1966

It has been so cold and windy here in Copenhagen -
for a long time! No matter what you did, it found it's
way through your thick winter coat, your gloves...
your door and windows...the cold north wind...

Wonder if March will be as windy?
Noooo, I don't think so :O)

'March' by Kate Greenaway
Confections, Etsy

Vintage March calendar poster


Maria said...

Hi Mette, how is your flu..? Hope you feel better this monday.
This windy post is adorable...(here the windy month is august..) well spring is close up there.A hug!

Aputsiaq said...

I'm feeling better...been out shopping today, thanks! well, in Denmark April is often the 'stange month' in between winter and can be windy, rainy and snowing...and then the sun pops never knows..