Aino Sibelius (née Järnefelt)

Portrait taken in 1888

Aino Sibelius (née Järnefelt) (1871-1969) was the wife of
Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. They lived most of their
65 years of married life at their home Ainola near Lake
Tuusula, Järvenpää, Finland. They had six daughters
together and since Sibelius could not afford schooling for
the children, Aino taught them at home. She spent a
period in 1907 convalescing in Hyvinkää Sanatorium

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Aino Järnefelt was six years younger than
Jean Sibelius. This photo is taken in the early
years of her marriage, ca. 1891

Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)

Portrait made by her brother Eero Järnefelt

Portrait 1922


Emily said...

What a lovely looking woman!

Janet said...

Its really nice the way you write so often about peoples lives. People we would never of read or thought about. I went to the link and it was a wonderful read about their life. It must of been a good life at many times for them. She must of really seen the world change too. I wonder what their home looked like!?

Aputsiaq said...

Hiii Emily and Janet! Oh, I'm glad you like the 'portraits'. I so often look at all these old photo wee see on the internet and think "wonder who these people are/were". Sometimes I look them up..

I think Aino's life in many respects has been hard: lot of children, a famous man who from time to time lived a bit of a 'hard life' with alcohol (like many men did at that time). Hmmm, maybe one could find some images of their home online...

tulitassukissa said...

Yes, living with Jean was sometimes hard. The story goes that Aino wanted to know when Jean would be back from one of his drinking sessions in hotel Kämp's restaurant with Eino Leino, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Armas Järnfelt (Aino's brother) and his other artist friends, Jean answered: "I'm a composer, not a clairvoyant."

Akseli Gallen-Kallela (Axel Gallen) painted his drinking friends:

Aputsiaq said...

Oh, those 'free spirits'!! Fun for them, not allways so fun for their wives! Having a partner that drinks from time to time must be so hard...even when they are so wonderful wghen they don't!!Thanks for the images...I like it, actually!