Problems with the blog?

Dear friends,

One of my followers so kindly told me that
for the last couple of days she has not been
able to see 'The Polar Bear' because of some
problems with the blog...what about you?
Do you experience any problems?
If, then please let me know!

Have a great day!


Rodi said...

No, everything looks fine on my side of the screen :)

Emily said...

No, all fine for me :)

Marilyn said...

I am not having any problems Mete. I love all the spring scenes and the girl playing the harp in your last two posts.

dfordoom said...

Blogger has definitely been having some problems. My blog got no page views at all for three days. It usually gets around 500 a day, so I'm assuming it was impossible to view for those three days. I imagine your blog was having the same problems.

renilde said...

Allright over here, x

Stripeybea said...

Everything looking good from over here too :)

Winey The Elder said...

Well, I think the screen's been too warm...none of the snow is sticking :=D. Otherwise, all is well here.

Maria said...

Hi Mette, everything it's ok now, but i had problems a few months ago.

Aputsiaq said...

Hi old friend...and welcome to you I don't know so well (yet :O)..)!

Thanks for writing me back!!

I seems most of you have no problems (or maybe the ones who have just can't comment because of...yes.. problems...hmmm, there's a thought...).

I hope it's is just temporary (local?) blog problems that are over by now!

Best wishes,
Mette ;O)

Fiona D said...

I had problems initially because I was using an old version of IE and I think the snow was doing weird things, causing the screen to just go blank. I updated to the newest IE and have no problem.

Aputsiaq said...

Fiona D, thank you so much for that comment (...and welcome!). I've removed the snow-gadget...hopefully that will help as well (and after all: it is spring, right?!)!!! Thanks!