Typewriter wood brooch

In pink or light blue...or as stickers..

CraftyFOLK, Etsy

In yellow, black or red...


mary lou said...
you will love this

Mary Lou in North Carolina
a Waldorf mom

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Mary Lou!

So great to see you...and thanks for the link!

I can see that we have the same taste!! If I had any children I would have been a Waldorf mom as well...and about the link (you don't believe this...): I've just posted these prints!!! (

I just LOVE them!! And thanks again for sending me the link!!

Oh, these days I think a lot about my visit to Goetheanum 1 year ago (in April 2010)...such a wonderful and happy 'spring-trip' with my old boy-friend...still miss it (and him...I'm sorry to say...)