How to write a love-letter...

In the Every Woman's Encyclopaedia, 1910-1912, UK
you might read a lot of usefull things like this:

'Love-letters when the personality of the writer is interesting
enough to save them from monotony, must always possess
a very strong attraction for the rest of mankind. All men fall
in love, and like, therefore, to find their own, it may be
inarticulate, emotions expressed with as they would have them,
or mirrored perhaps greater intensity in the soul of another.

Love-letters to be of any value, however, must possess
one all-embracing quality - they must be sincere. In ordinary
letter-writing, sincerity is only one of the qualities demanded,
but in love-letters it is everything. The love-letter must
reflect the whole nature or nothing; it must reveal a soul
in all its simplicity'.

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marilyn said...

I wanted to comment on the portraits of the lovely women writing letters in yesterday's blog. I do wonder if people write love letters anymore since letter writing is becoming out of style? It is almost a lost art and rare to receive a handwritten note. I treasure all letters and keep most of them to re-read for years to come. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to write letters on monogrammed stationery.

Aputsiaq said...

I hope people still write love letters...but I'm afraid that most 'love-letters' are texts/sms...and it is not the same as letter! Who can read a sms in 25 years? Or tie a ribbon around those old love "letters"? To some extent, 'love letters' and 'waiting' went hand in hand; the long engagements made people write letters, I think...