Vintage cat brooch, 1940-1950

Mocca chocolate....

Dark chocolate brown cedar rose ruffle bag in
sheepskin leather by Stacy Leigh, Etsy

Texturised 3D Mocca Tube-Scarf
Under Reconstruction, Etsy

Coasters in blueberry and chocolate

'Blue early spring'...from Sandhra Lee

'Birds of a Feather Scarflette'

'Misty Nest Pendant'

'Robin's Nest Pendant' cold weather...

A pair of East African Crowned Cranes
strut through the snow

A flock of black skimmers face into
a cold blustery wind


...and daaaaaaance!

Goodbye cold and windy February...

Charles Burchfield (1893-1967):
'North Wind in March', 1960-1966

It has been so cold and windy here in Copenhagen -
for a long time! No matter what you did, it found it's
way through your thick winter coat, your gloves...
your door and windows...the cold north wind...

Wonder if March will be as windy?
Noooo, I don't think so :O)

'March' by Kate Greenaway
Confections, Etsy

Vintage March calendar poster


'The March Wind'

'The Wind Flower'...when the March winds blow...

The Enchanted Castle:
A Book of Fairy Tales from Flowerland
edited by Hartwell James,
illustrated by John R. Neill (1877-1943)
First published in 1906

Now this fair nymph was beloved not only by Zephyr,
the gentle West-wind, but by Boreas, the cold, rough North-wind,
and it happened that the time at which she became a flower
was at that season when 'the North-wind doth blow',
so Boreas had her in his power.

And then to punish her for bestowing her love upon another,
he blew roughly upon her and scattered her delicate petals
upon the ground. Then the gods, because she was beloved by
the winds, called her Anemone, the wind-flower.

Every year when the March winds blow she opens her
dainty blossoms, and every year Boreas revenges his
unrequited love by shattering and destroying her beauty.

But the gentle Anemone returns good for evil, for she loves
the wind, and opens her soft pink and white petals when
the March breezes blow loud and shrill.

The poets call her 'Child of the Wind', and country people
tell us she is a capital weather-glass, for when the wind drops and
rain clouds begin to gather she knows that rain is coming.

Gentle, loving little flower, 'Waiting for the breathing of the wind',
we can all have a lesson from you. Why not be like the Anemone,
and when others use you roughly, seek not revenge,
but rather give good for evil.

Never tread beneath your feet
Flowers fair and flowers sweet;
Touch us tenderly with care
Flowers sweet and flowers fair.

The cold winds blow...

Winslow Homer: 'The West Wind', 1891

Winslow Homer: 'The Watcher, Tynemouth', 1882

Robert Henri (1865-1929): 'The March Wind'

Bertha Lum (1869-1954):
'Mother West Wind', 1916

Kelly Meyers: 'Faheud'

Olauf Magnus: 'On the Violent Wind Circius',
History of the Nordic Peoples, 1555

'The North Wind Went Over the Sea',
'East of the Sun and West of the Moon'
by Kay Nielsen

'The North Wind and the Sun'

Arthur Rackham:
'The North Wind and the Sun', 1912


Illustrated by Milo Winter
From 'The Æsop for Children'

Read it here

'At the Back of the North Wind'

Above is a wood engraving created by Arthur Hughes from
'At the Back of the North Wind'...a children's book written
by George Macdonald in 1857. It is a fantasy about a boy
named Diamond and his adventures with the Lady North Wind

Both illustrated by Maria L. Kirk from
'At the Back of the North Wind'
Purchase the book here

Jesse Wilcox Smith:
'At the Back of the North Wind'

Arthur Huges:
I am Afraid of Falling Down There from
'At the Back of the North Wind', 1868

Helen Stratton, 1870


Illustrated by by Layne Johnson

'Tuesday and the Fairy Tale'

Needle-felted cute figurine
Little Miss Mary, Etsy

by René Lalique (1860-1945)

Taaaake a look! Budgies!
made by Lalique 1930

by Lalique, 1899-1901