A fan fit for a queen

'Queen Elizabeth I'
After George Gower (1540-96)

'Queen Elizabeth I with a Fan', ca. 1585-90,
Attr. to John Bettes the Younger

'Queen Elizabeth I with a Fan', 1585-1590.
Artist unknown

'Elizabeth I with a Fan', ca. 1585-90,
Attr. to John Bettes the Younger

This painting, of several similar portraits of this type
now known, was found in a seventeenth-century
farmhouse in England in 1890.



basicnorth said...

It is difficult for us in this day and age of machine made everything to comprehend the sumptuousness of the textiles of the Elizabethan Age ...the interiors, the furnishings the accessories are all beyond our imagination. Beautifully captured in these paintings over the course of Elizabeth's life, the quality holds up - one wonders if she took it for granted, or if it all had to pass approval in order to keep up her status as a power figure ... Beautiful things Mette' thank you.


Medieval Muse said...

I've some serious textile and jewelry lust! Incredible details and so lush in the painting, you can almost feel the heavy velvet and hear the rustle of silk.

*goes off to check farmhouses*

Thank you so much for all you share, your fantastic efforts, skills of discovery!

Aputsiaq said...

Dear Friends! Thank you for your comments!! Oh I think she took it for granted - thinking that God has given her the postion as queen and she was the chosen one.

Yes, such richness of silk, velvet, pearls, all kinds of gemstones...lace, gold...and the paintings really show all the details; I love to look at them! One can't believe all this wealth

marilyn said...

Such sumptuous fabrics, feathers and fans to say nothing of those majestic ruffs! I think they must have caused a great deal of discomfort and wonder how it was to turn one's head. The women who starched the ruffs had quite a job.

Marcus said...

Very beautiful this post, delicious and beautiful images, congratulations

Aputsiaq said...

Oh, yes the ruffs...! And they must have been rather dirty as well...not being wash ever (or every second) day like we wash our cloth today! Oh dear...