Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916)

Paolo and Francesca, 1908

States of Mind II - Those who Stay



Marcus said...

Boccioni love even as I love all futurists, the work of all delights me as their history and their struggle to spread an idea and an ideal. They are fantastic.

Marcus said...

I am reading a good book that talks about Danish artists, Vilhelm Hammerhoi between them highlight and Emil Nolde, among many others. Always remember you when I read the country of origin and see written Denmark, was misspelled you on my mind. Hug.

Aputsiaq said...

The futurists artwork are beautiful (I should post some more of it by the way...). I'm glad to know you read about Hammershøi...and like it.. At the moment there is a large Hammershøi exhibition here in town...and I haven't seen it yet! "one day takes the next" and I haven't found the time to go!