Wik & Wiksøe

The designers behind this beautiful tableware
is Wik & Wiksøe: Linda Svedal Walsøe and Ragnhild Wik -
two two Norwegian visionaries that aim to design, develop
and produce unique high quality porcelain and lasting value

Tak a look here: Wik & Wiksøe

The chinaware Alveskog (above) and Alv (below)
is made of precious feldspar porcelain ​​from pure natural
raw materials such as quartz, feldspar and kaolin - white
burning clay. The feldspar is suitable for everyday use
and can easily be placed in the microwave


Anastazia Refanidou said...

hello,your blog is amazing.i wait from you and other magic things from NORTH.
and do i like the north european is wonderful,the cold weather ,the snow and all of the things which do the north amazing, but from
here i missed them.Bye

Aputsiaq said...

Hi Anastazia Refanidou,

Thanks for your wonderful comment! I LOVE snow and cold weather...and frosty nights with stars...

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