'Yellow Touch of Spring' slippers

Warm feeling on a cold day and cool on a hot day.
A yellow spring flower - beautiful felted slippers

Wool 4 Dreams, Etsy

'Sophie Wristlet'

Yellow linen handprinted with
appetite's Rosetta print in creme

Appetite, Etsy

Umberto Boccioni (1882-1916)

Paolo and Francesca, 1908

States of Mind II - Those who Stay


'Spring Snowdrops' - unique handwoven cowl

An amazing woolen shawl
inspired by wee spring snowdrops

knit 1 girl 1, Etsy

Heinrich Vogeler: 'Im Frühling', 1897

The first day of spring - TODAY!

Frans Pourbus the Younger (1569–1622)

Portrait of a Lady, 1591

A beastly note card assortment

The most charming notenote cards with envelopes

Beaumont Studio, Etsy

The Elizabethan fan...

Queen Elizabeth I with a Fan,
Unknown artist, 1592

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603)

A handle of a feather fan,
made ca. 1550 in Venice, Italy

Feather fans were introduced into Tudor England
through the great Italian city states of Venice, Milan
and Genoa. Originally fans had arrived in Italy from the
East. By the 16th century the Western secular use of
fans was largely confined to women. Costly and elaborate,
these fans were dress accessories confirming status and
rank. This fan handle was made in gilt brass - others were
made in gold, silver or ivory. The feathers used might be
those of a native bird rather than more expensive feathers
from exotic birds such as peacocks, swans, ostriches or
parakees, which enriched the finer gold or ivory handles.
Most fans were attached to the belt of the dress by
a metal chain or silk cord

Queen Elizabeth I with a Fan, 1590s
Unknown Artist

A fan fit for a queen

'Queen Elizabeth I'
After George Gower (1540-96)

'Queen Elizabeth I with a Fan', ca. 1585-90,
Attr. to John Bettes the Younger

'Queen Elizabeth I with a Fan', 1585-1590.
Artist unknown

'Elizabeth I with a Fan', ca. 1585-90,
Attr. to John Bettes the Younger

This painting, of several similar portraits of this type
now known, was found in a seventeenth-century
farmhouse in England in 1890.


Hand carved electric lamps

These stunning wooden lamps are
made ny the wood-carver Dimitar Manev
They can be made i different sorts of wood

Dimitar Manev, Etsy

lamp with a dove and a heart

a sunflower lamp

'Squirrels' by Brian Wildsmith


Illustrations from 'Squirrels', 1972 & 1974 editions
by Brian Wildsmith

Did you know that squirrels live in two-room homes
in trees? That they can swim and use their tails as
a sail? That when they sleep, they wrap their tails
around themselves like a blanket? This picture-and-
word tribute to the furry little creatures covers
their everyday lives in vivid detail

Purchase the vintage book here: UK & US








Woodland brooches and necklaces

These wooden squirrel and fox jewellery are parts
of Layla Amber Rous' Woodland Collection - so cut!

Layla Amber, Etsy