(Johann) Heinrich Vogeler (1872-1942)

Vision, 1914

Heinrich Vogeler and his first wife Martha
Schröder, 1898. They married in 1901 and she
became Mrs. Martha Vogeler. According to Martha
Vogeler her husband idolised her and their life
at the Barkenhoff. When the marriage broke
down he was devastated

Martha Schröder and Heinrich Vogeler, ca. 1908

Barkenhoff, 1910

Ex libris Valerie Brettauer, 1904

Der Hochzeitsbitter, 1907

Märchen (Die Hirtin)

Die sieben raben, 1895

Martha Vogeler

Melusine - a detail

Melusine, ca. 1910

Porcelain green eyed bunny

One sweet little handmade bunny in white
porcelain clay and glazed in a clear, pink highlights
in the ears and pretty green eyes. This little
bunny is 2.5 cm - 1 inch - long

Jera Luna Designs, Etsy

Everybody’s Magazine nr. 3 1902

More from Ephraim Faience Pottery

Garden Visitor

I am still so, so in love with Ephraim Faience Pottery...
True to the legacy of the historic Arts and Crafts movement,
each piece of Ephraim Faience pottery is made completely by
hand. In their small studio in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, Ephraim’s
artists employ a unique collaborative process to
design and create each piece

Ephraim Faience Pottery...and the shop is here

Midnight Tile

Autumn Acorn Bowl

Three Bears

Elena Alexandrina Bednarik (1883–1939)

File:Elena Alexandrina Bednarik - Zâna apelor.jpg

A vignette to the story 'Water Fairy', 1908


A vignette to the story
Forest Fairies, 1908

Susan Frackelton (1848-1932)

Large salt-glaze stoneware punch bowl with
three-lobed rim and large clusters of applied blue
grapes and vines, made 1902. The interior painted
'Love Is the Sweet Wine of Life'

Susan Frackelton painting a bowl

Susan Stuart Frackleton (1848-1932) was a Milwaukee
born painter, especially a ceramic painter. She studied landscape
painting in Milwaukee at Henry Vianden as well as genre works.
In the late 1870s she turned towards ceramic arts, especially
towards Chinese decoration art. Her works were exhibited in
the US and in Europe, and multiple awarded. Amongst
others, she won nine awards at the 1893 World’s Fair.
Also the Italian queen congratulated her
via letter to her good works

A glazed stoneware punch bowl, 1901
interior of bowl painted with poppies, butterflies
and 'Some Friends will wish you Happpiness & Others
Wish you Wealth, but I will wish you best of all
Contentment blest with Health'

Grey stoneware vessel with a sculpted and p
ainted blue poppy with repeating
artwork to exterior and center

Salt-glazed stoneware five-handled
vase with stippled design above
applied garlands, 1901

Nicolae Vermont (1866–1932)

File:Nicolae Vermont - Profil de fata.JPG

A Girl's Profile, 1898

Dandelion pendant

A real ephemeral dandelion is perfectly embedded
in a resin ball and hung on silver chain. Amazing!

Sisicata, Etsy

Ill. by Else Wenz-Viëtor (1882-1973)

'Wie die Igel Stacheln kriegten.
Märchen für kleine Leute'
by Hagdis Hollriede

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'Kinderbuch Grünbart das Moosmänchen'
by Albert Sixtus

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'Linen Blossom' linen jewellery

Crocheted natural linen ring with crocheted
linen bead and baltic amber

Linen Blossom, Etsy

Natural crocheted linen necklace 'Sunny' with
polished multicolour Baltic amber pieces: in light yellow,
cream, dark honey (congniac) and black colours

August Roeseler (1866-1934)

Ach so!, 1919
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The flying Grandfather

'Der fliegende Großvater'


Pretty little birds for your table...

These beautiful pears are hand sculpted
out of porcelain clay and glazed in Tiffany Blue.
They have hand carved cork stoppers to
keep your seasonings in

Back Bay Pottery, Etsy

Embroidered brooch - 'A Summer Garden'

A beautiful display featuring hollyhocks and
roses, is embroidered in miniature onto this
delicately pretty summer brooch

Lynwoodcrafts, Etsy

Steiff felt swan, ca. 1900

Steiff felt swan, ca. 1900

'The Wild Swans'

The Wild Swans is a literary fairy tale by
Hans Christian Andersen about a princess who rescues
her eleven brothers from a spell cast by an evil queen. The
tale was first published on 2 October 1838 as the first
installment in Andersen's 'Fairy Tales Told
for Children. New Collection'. by C. A.
Reitzel in Copenhagen Denmark

Read the Fairy Tale here

'De vilde svaner' - 'The Wild Swans'
illustrated by the Danish artist Svend Otto S (1916-66)

I found the illustrations here