Charles Mahoney (1903-1968)

I saw this amazing book cover and I just
HAD to see more...isn't it wonderful?

The book is: 'Charles Mahoney, 1903-1968'
written by C. Mahoney

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Fortune and the Boy at the Well, 1933

Allegory of Autumn, 1932

Study of chrysanthemum heads with
a personification of Autumn

Edgar Deagas (1834-1917)

Sky Study, 1869

Porcelain cloud brooch

Inspired by these gorgeous clouds up
here in the Blue Mountains. handmade from fine
white porcelain, this little white fluffy cloud sits in a
sky of blue crackle glaze and is framed
like a pretty picture

Mrs. Peterson Pottery, Etsy

John Bauer (1882–1918)

When Putte rode to Björkkudden, 1917

Five illustrations from:

Dag and Daga and the Flying Troll of Sky Mountain

These three illustrations are from:

The Four Big Trolls and Little Peter
Pastureman by Cyrus Graner

Messengers from the troll people had
come to consult the witch

The Boy and the Tomte's Hat by Vilhalm Nordin

Three illustrations from

The Crofters and the Gnomes by Anna Wahlenberg

The Elf King's Boll by Anna Wahlenberg

Axel Törneman (1880-1925)

The Troll King and the Princess, 1905

Through the woods...

George Henry (1852-1943):
'Through the Woods', 1891

'Dragon Eggs' - Turquoise stone pendants
Gnoom Artful Things, Etsy

Felted, pure lambs wool wrist warmers
Needles and Chisels, Etsy

A tiny felted mushroom on a bed of felted moss
House of Moss, Etsy

Mossy green Vesuvianite faceted tondelles
j Nic Loft, Etsy

Turquoise ring - 'Earthy Gal Ring'
Karla Hoover Designs, Etsy

Mini Tweeting Birds shoulder bag
LBArtworks, Etsy

Burnt orange felted acorns
Persnickety Works, Etsy

Sam Uhrdin (1886-1964)

Evening is comeing

Musikstund vid brasan

Woman in the light of the fire

Martinmas lantern faries...

Freddie Langeler, 1947

by Mili Weber (1891-1978)

Freddie Langeler fairies


iPhone case, Sakura

This delicate yet protective
cherry-wood iPhone case is handmade using
traditional Japanese carving techniques to enhance
the inherent beauty of the natural material

Guggenheim Store

Wik & Wiksøe

The designers behind this beautiful tableware
is Wik & Wiksøe: Linda Svedal Walsøe and Ragnhild Wik -
two two Norwegian visionaries that aim to design, develop
and produce unique high quality porcelain and lasting value

Tak a look here: Wik & Wiksøe

The chinaware Alveskog (above) and Alv (below)
is made of precious feldspar porcelain ​​from pure natural
raw materials such as quartz, feldspar and kaolin - white
burning clay. The feldspar is suitable for everyday use
and can easily be placed in the microwave

Elegant ladies at the races...

'Women At The Races'
by Édouard Manet (1832-83)

Three women studying the form guide
at Ascot races, Brisbane, 2 December 1933

File:Oscar Bluhm Elegant Ladies at the Races.jpg

Oscar Bluhm (1867–1912):
'Elegant Ladies at the Races'

On the Merry-go-round at Deepwater Races -
Deepwater, New South Wales, NZ, ca. 1910
G. Robertson-Cuninghame

Isaac Lazarus Israels (1865-1934):
'At the Longchamp Races, Paris', 1900

Five ladies trying to keep their hats
on at the Brisbane race, 1938

Edgar Degas: 'Three Women at the Races', ca. 1885

...when you got to go...

Actress Joan Roberts still in costume,
walks her bulldog Goggles during
an intermission of 'Oklahoma'

When your dog decides to pee on a
post while you're in costume and in front of a LIFE
photographer, all you can do is laugh