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Ravens at the Window

 I'm smitten with the prints and notecards

Raven's Christmas

Ravens in Winter

Sweet little stars...

Vintage Christmas card, 1905
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Vntage New Year's Eve postcard, 1905
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Sascha Schneider (1870–1927)

Karl May: 'Weihnacht', 1906

Perfect for a cold winter....

 Double Knitted IRENA Mittens in grey, fluorescent 
pink / magenta and deep blue inside in natural 
handspun wool by MOSGOS, Etsy

'Too Many Mittens'

 Too Many Mittens
by Florence and Louis Slobodkin

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'Too Many Mittens' Christmas card
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By Tatsuro Kiuchi

 Tatsuro Kiuchi's website

Snow angel ornament

This snow angel design is a colourful and modern image of 
traditional winter fun. It's contemporary look 
appeals to both adults and children

'Uli und der Schneemann Max'

 'Uli and the Snowman Max'
 by Fred Reinke and Karl Schrader

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